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Guide:Like reasons I a guild
Author: BasiX


Before you make a guild, you should have already 2 CO-Leader (best friends/acquaintance from RL), because Support in the guild need you. In addition you should have closed acquaintance with other players, because you secure yourself faithful Gildenmember in such a way. The moreover the admission of the farm characters would be into the guild of advantage, since they can donate EXP and so the guild level rises.
Consider you also a good name and do not copy NOT the name of other guilds (on not of other servers), because like that something is usually unpopular. You should be already well equipped (good Equip), KG/MG have and also not be verskillt. Because in the guild you are the BOSS and must also show, who the stronger one is.


Now you have a small guild provided with 6 to 10 Membern. Even if there is few, nevertheless a beginning. It is important to decide, whom you invite into the guild. Building your guild not only from warriors up, because it is totally boring and in addition not mindful.
Assumed in a GK: Guild A (10 Bodywarrior and 10 Mentallywarrior) vs. guild B (5 BodyWarrior, 2 MentallyWarrior, 3 Remotefightninjas, 2 Shortfightninjas, 3 Magicsuras, 1 Waffensura, 3 Kite Power shaman, 1 Health shaman). Which guild would win? Completely clearly: Guild B? Why? Warriors control only "Powerlessness " as negative effect. Ninjas possess "Toxic" , which adds the opponent very much in GK. Magicsuras with its GOF and protection settle the opponents fast. Shortfightninjas seize from the ambush at (camouflage + ambush) etc.
And provides you your small army is creative. Drawer only the people, on which you can rely. People, which are invited from boredom, are suited to usually nothing and leave the guild after few days again.

Activities (Guild wars, Guildleveln, DT-Run, etc.)

As group most things more fun than loners make. Therefore there is the note board in the guild window or the Gildenchat, in order to plan and discuss GK, GLvln and DT-run. Here you decide, what makes it, at which time, which place etc. is it always favourably ideas of Membern to assume, because your team spirit strengthens and the commitment shows of you and the others. Since however usually not all could come along, do not have to be equivalent disappointed you, because everyone can be constantly on. However too many if on should be and not find accomodation in the group, one should worry the CO-Leader about it, best should it you divide - you take over a group, a CO-Leader the other one). With GKs it checks whether sufficient people are on-line and asks it, whether they would have desire. Thus you make you popular in the guild. You must be the model.


If you plans something, it is DT-run or Guildlvln, you must reach also the people. Simplest means is the Guildchat/Noticewindow. You can there which announce and her also with one "! " provided, so that the others know that THIS NOTE is important. In addition there is the team peak, which is very popular at guilds. Here by means of Head set or microphone one talks with one another - it is over a team peak server or over Internet telephone programs such as Skype or Yahoo. The advantage is that you here fast "Commands" gevenly it can for which you need in the chat for a long time and it is already too late or the message is ignored.
In addition many guilds offer also to homepages with forum, on which one can discuss important. Here one can play with the fantasy and establish the HP in such a way, as one wants her. But nevertheless the HP should state very much over your guild, quasi a Biografie of your guild.

Problems solve, assistance offer

"One for all and all for one ", the most important slogan for a guild. Help your Membern with Quest, disputes and other things and leave nobody untouched in the corner. Is always nice and do not release, if somewhat does not fold in such a way, how you thought it you. Because helpfulness does not only become when worthwhile proven, it also your self-assurance can strengthen and you can win the confidence of Membern.
With a KGQ you should always be to assistance and offer also assistance in the name of your guild. And here ALL should explain themselves ready to help. Clearly there are again exceptional cases that or other one cannot. That is also understandable, but that should not accumulate itself. Because people, which do not help, take away only place in a guild.

The image of the guild

Do not forget the image of your guild. Because if someone makes the guild bad, some the Gildenmember the guild are left. Nobody wants to be in a guild, which does not like! In order to strengthen the image, help you not too among themselves, but also outside of the guild. Help people with conflicts with Aggros, Bugusern, players from other realms, then you make you popular on the server. With the image care harms a guild country with guild-forges and Alchemist not, on the contrary. It can be useful. It does not only bring you money, but better chance has other players on a successful refinement.
You should not "soldner" (stronger Gamer pays, which helps you in the GK), because you make you unpopular in such a way also with the other players and show that it are "weak".

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