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Character Info
Name: Crazypaul Server: Sol Level: 31 Rank: Good
Guild: - Kingdom: Flag red.png Shinsoo Classes: Body Warrior Status: Active
Status Points
Vitality: 35 Intelligence: 3 Strength: 67 Dexterity: 3
Aura of the Sword-M.png Aura of the Sword M1 Berserk.png Berserk 9 Sword Spin.png Sword Spin 1 Three-Way Cut.png Three-Way Cut 1
Dash.png Dash 1 Life Force.png Life Force 1
Chunjo Language Skill.png Chunjo language 0 Riding Horse.png Horse Riding 4 Leadership.png Leadership 0 Combo.png Combo 0
Jinno Language Skill.png Jinno language 0 Call Horse.png Call Horse 0 Polymorph.png Polymorph 0 Mining.png Mining 0

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