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Even if the Internet and ensure Metin2 a certain anonymity, so Metin2 is one of 24 servers and a very small world of its own. In this world makes you look a name - a good or a bad one. The players with whom one is on a server, usually longer there. Once you have the reputation (regardless of any rank) to be an unfriendly player, it can be difficult for the future. Other players probably remember the name of the character when they are too colorful. Often there is then no longer included in a group, questions will be answered no more and no private action charging is also difficult. In short, it is somehow marginalized. Sometimes there is a no choice but to go to another server and there to start over or create a new character on the previous account and so to start over. In the lower levels this may happen quickly, but it has reached a certain level, this may not be very annoying but also very time intensive.
The honor code is designed to get the gameplay and offer players a role model to other functions. He can only work if players other players to point directly to the fact that there is such a code and this urge to keep to it.

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The Code of Ethics[edit]

the honor code explicitly omitted paragraph. It is voluntary, provides a guide and in this form of supervised or controlled by anyone (not even by the GMs). The honor code is not part of the Conditions or officially Created for Metin2 even though some things appear here in the [1].

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self-defense is a chance to defend themselves against the attacks of other players. If any other players attack you without provocation, and the first thing does not stop even on cajoling or kill you several times, you have the opportunity to fight back, without violating the honor code violation. This is the only exception to the golden rule, other players to attack and kill under any circumstances.

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First and foremost is a friendly tone . "How to call in the forest, comes around." Who is insulting, need not be surprised if he is offended. You should meet his fellow players and polite and refrain from insults, because they only lead to more insults and thus usually too bad temper on both sides.

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Item theft[edit]

What is meant here the collection of goods or money is , which have left defeated monsters and still belong to another player. This is not about to spurn lonely objects lying around, but to leave items when staying in the vicinity is still fighting character. Most of the monsters has not (yet) defeated, and is therefore not just come to collect such items. If you still on the goods / Yang is located, so just wait until the character is done with his campaign and moves on. Should he leave and move on something, he seems not to want to the items and you are free to collect such items. If I need the item that has been collected, the other player, then you ask politely if he can not leave it to you or yours.

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Mob theft[edit]

In general it is a rude act, to battle another player or group to intervene </ b>, so long will not ask for help. Even if it sometimes looks as if a player runs away from a pack of monsters, so this process (as a "pull" means) but often used by several monsters in one place to gather. The meaning is either the pre-curl to the other group members to maximize the band together to area effect attacks in their efficiency or picking locks of the monsters on the most robust character. In such a case to attack the monster is considered very bold and rude is frowned upon. The number of monsters is always large enough for a few virtual meters again to meet a few new ones, without the need to attack the other player. If the monsters are just lured away, that are needed for a quest, so you can wait a bit, because the monster track the player is not for ever, and appear quickly (respawn). After a while they turn around and go back to their original position. From that moment, they are usually released for all players. Likewise, it has not harmed anyone with a few polite words, ask if you can not make a reservation for a certain Monsterart in to do the quest.

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Buguser Cheats[edit]

General should be clear that a player is sporting some kind of guards <b> Cheats or trainers to use. This may make your character to a greater extent, but also disrupt the feel for all other players. Honorable players use any bugs or cheats.

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Fight against inferior players[edit]

The battle against a player who is far (8 or more levels) under its own level, is definitely not a fight , which may be described as such. Optimally, you should first inquire about the level of the opponent and challenge him to a fight also, so this is possible. One should give his best true Level known. Should this communication in-game reasons (Various kingdoms in Metin) not be possible, the most visible opponents of equipment give information about their level or the level can be requested at the Metin2 homepage (community).

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Duration Kill (DK)[edit]

If it makes the game a player to play to its virtual demise of the site further, where he died, so this is exploited by some, by waiting at this very spot of the player on his reappearance to do again. Just got the player has only minimal hit points and therefore is not art repeatedly killing. In the extreme case of this scheme is continued for several minutes, which reduces the fun of the other party clearly. Appropriate behavior to his opponent after he has lost is, can regain its powers and challenge him again. Keywords fairness .

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Metin Thiefs[edit]

The stones with dark chi, or simply Metins called, are highly coveted objects in the game, as they are the only way to craft books & Spirit Stones to get close. Here it is unfortunately so that players "help" just when the Metin is attacked by other players, usually in the hope to get hold of the finished book itself. A complimentary approach is in viewing such a scene only to stop and ask if you can help. As with the monsters should be here, first come, keep it may.

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Attacking players with negative ranks / rank points[edit]

You wear a red colored Rank before their name, they characterized as an attacker on players of their own empire. This rank is considered by many players as a license for it seen to attack that player. Many players have their rank is not out of self-blame, in part, they have received it because a member of a group in which they were attacked other players. Some of these players have the desire to do so again in the positive Ranks ascend and politeness, you should give them that chance.

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Standing Requests / spamming[edit]

requests for a trade, clan or joining a group invitation should always only be made if the character just does not fight. The window for acceptance or rejection appear right in the field of view of demand. This hinders mostly just his fight, which causes the rare case of a positive response. It is usually much more effective to whisper that player first, so he can finish his battle alone. Finally, it is said that a rejection usually means a 'no' and not a new or multiple request, the response usually changes. Answers should be accepted as they fail. A rejection is not necessarily related to your gambling behavior, your character or the way in which you have asked and can often be only due to the fact that the rejection level group called Guild levels (only guild members in the group) organized and guild stranger simply not allowed to participate.

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Puller of Death (PoD)[edit]

A variant, the i.d.R. used by ninjas, will wipe out a group level, only to take advantage of this level space with another group. Here, so many mobs as humanly possible only to be eliminated in the group are drawn, in the hope that the characters die of the players. Alternatively, the bravery often with capes (pull all the mobs in the radar to the user of the cape) attempts by other character classes. If you want to level up at one point and there is already a group there, so it is a friendly behavior, to look through the channels and see if is still available in another channel of course. Of course one can also ask whether the group still in place and needs of players and / or how long leveled here yet. Friendly is it to go to a different level of authority or later to try again or to share as agreed with the existing group the mobs or to wait until the level group pulls himself to death.

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== Mandatory guilds and players ==

Here you see the guilds and players who have committed themselves to this code of honor.
Even if you (or your guild) want to be there, adds in your guild card or on your user page or the link Babel:

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