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A typical realm battle

A realm battle is a fight between all realms, as it already says the name. In it player (mostly level 50+) fights against others from the 2 hostile realms. In the realm battles there are no rules, i.e. it is not forbidden to Potten or from the fight/Millitaryhorse to fight (both should not be made however nevertheless). The realm, which stands at the end still with its fighters on the field, wins. There are official and unofficial realm battles. Here see to her the differences of both:

  • Occasionally on special realm battle maps (if, then only for level 50+ player)
  • By GMs are sometimes announced
  • Step sometimes "Metinrain" to attract on around players, afterwards if this is comes frequently 3 past Shinsoo-Rocks.
  • Run occasionally GM by the battle, which among other things also as if Black Smith and other NPCs are camouflaged.

  • By players and guilds are organized
  • A goal is to be mostly taken it a place e.g. Stadt2 to kill as many players as possible and "Opponent" to prevent to leveln
  • In the forum under "player vents" are often announced
  • Are mostly just 1-40 players on sides of the aggressors
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