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2012 Olympics in Londom brought us costumes. You could get them from various boxes, that were avaivable during the olympics, and also from bosses and metins

  • They last for 7 or 14 days.
  • They are tradable


Country Female Male In Game
Brazil Fboxbrazil.png Maleboxbrazil.png Box-Outfit BRA IG.png
Germany Femalboxgermany.png Maleboxgermany.png Box-Outfit GER IG.png
Olympic Femaleboxolympic.png Maleboxolympic.png Box-Outfit Olympia IG.png
Turkey Femaleboxturkey.png Maleboxturkey.png Box-Outfit TUR IG.png
Romania Femaleboxromania.png Maleboxromania.png Box-Outfit RO IG.png
France Femalboxfrance.png Maleboxfrance.png Box-Outfit FR IG.png
Italy Femalboxitaly.png Maleboxitaly.png Box-Outfit ITA IG.png
Poland Femaleboxpoland.png Maleboxpoland.png Box-Outfit PL IG.png
Spain Femaleboxspain.png Maleboxspain.png Box-Outfit ESP IG.png


Country Female Male In Game
Brazil Femalefencingbrazil.png Malefencingbrazil.png Fencing BRA IG.png
Germany Femalefencinggermany.png Malefencinggermany.png Fencing GER IG.png
Olympic Femalefencingolympic.png Malefencingolympic.png Fencing Olympia IG.png
Turkey Femalefencingturkey.png Malefencingturkey.png Fencing TUR IG.png
Romania Femalefencingromenia.png Malefencingromania.png Fencing RO IG.png
France Femalefencingfrance.png Malefencingfrance.png Fencing FR IG.png
Italy Femalefencingitaly.png Malefencingtaly.png Fencing ITA IG.png
Poland Femalefencingpoland.png Malefencingpoland.png Fencing PL IG.png
Spain Femalefencingspain.png Malefencingspain.png Fencing ESP IG.png


Country Female Male In Game
Brazil Femaleballbrazil.png Maleballbrazil.png Football BRA IG.png
Germany Femaleballgermany.png Maleballgermany.png Football GER IG.png
Olympic Femaleballolympic.png Maleballolympic.png Football Olympia IG.png
Turkey Femaleballturkey.png Maleballturkey.png Football TUR IG.png
Romania Femaleballromania.png Maleballromania.png Football RO IG.png
France Femaleballfrance.png Maleballfrance.png Football FR IG.png
Italy Femaleballitaly.png Maleballitaly.png Football ITA IG.png
Poland Femaleballpoland.png Maleballpoland.png Football PL IG.png
Spain Femaleballspain.png Maleballspain.png Football ESP IG.png
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