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For each class, there are 3 different types that are available in 4 colors in the Itemshop. hairstyles of attack, which disappear after 30 days, but give it a 10% damage bonus against other classes and the permanent hairstyles that have no other bonus.

Character Name Female Male
Ninja Ponytail

Shoulder Length Hair

Short Hair
Ninjaw.jpg Ninjam.jpg
Shaman Elegant Hairstyle

Medium Length Hair

Old Hairstyle
Shamanw.jpg Shamanm.jpg
Warrior Trendy Hairstyle


Long Hair
Warriorw.jpg Warriorm.jpg
Sura Sporty Haircut

Charisma Hair

Long Plait
Suraw.jpg Suram.jpg
Lycan Tribal Plaits

Lupine Crown
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