Guide:Weapon Sura Skillguide

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Guide:Weapon Sura Skillguide
Author: CeP

additional note: this is full PvM guide,pretty useless in pvp


  • Start with 20 points allocated to VIT, this will not only give you more HP but also some DEF attributes.
  • The next 60 points should then be invested into INT, this is an important stat for a Sura in the initial stages, as it increases the power of skills. (as DEX is for a ninja and STR is for a Warrior)
  • Your next 40 points should then be in VIT, again increasing HP values and DEF, your Sura lvl should be 40 once this step can be completed.
  • Continue allotting points to make INT full, meaning 30 more additional points until it's 90, only then can you concentrate on making VIT full.
  • Remaining points from this point onwards should be put into DEX, which ones full will add 30 to evasion.

side note: an experiment was made with a trade between DEX and VIT, so DEX was full with, VIT being the third stat to be maxed out. On a lvl 78 Sura where this test was made it worked out great, however results may differ between each player, as items and bonuses play a major role in this build working.


  • Put your initial skill points (given by the weaponry teacher once you've reached lvl 5) in Enchanted Blade, Finger Strike and Dragon Swirl. Once you've reached lvl 19 reset skills at old lady (who is located in both town, in map1 and map2 of your respective kingdom).
  • Increase the points in Enchanted Blade until it's reached 17, if at this point it becomes M1 (the point at which skill books will be needed to increase the lvl of the skill from then on) this is good. If however you are not so lucky, just put 1 more point you have and invest it into Dragon Swirl and wait for tomorrow.
  • Repeat the process of the steps above 1 & 2 until your Enchanted Blade masters at 17 points. Once this has been accomplished continue on.
  • Now if you are level 19 you should have Enchanted Blade mastered and 1 point on Dragon Swirl, every point after this goes to Enchanted Armor.
  • At level 36 the ideal situation would be that Enchanted Blade is at M3-M4, Dragon Swirl at 1 point and 17 points (for master) in Enchanted Armor. If your Enchanted Armor is not Mastered (M1 at level 17), make sure you make it Master at 17 points using Enchanted Armor Band of Oblivion (also known as a book of forgetfulness).
  • At lvl 52 it is advised you have M5-M6 or higher Enchanted Blade, M4-M5 or higher Enchanted Armor and 17 points on Dragon Swirl or mastered Dragon Swirl.
  • Now the same as with Enchanted Armor, use band of oblivions to get Dragon Swirl to master at level 17 if it hasn't already been done. Alternatively you can reset Dragon Swirl with a Reset Skill Document and get Fear instead. The difference is that with Fear you can kill a lot more but you kill slower, while with Dragon Swirl you can kill less but you kill them faster.
  • Next Mastered Skill is on level 69, that's usually the one you didn't master as 3rd (so either Fear or Dragon Swirl), or if you took Dragon Swirl as 3rd you can take Finger Strike as a 4th master.
  • Your 5th master should be on level 86 again that's the one you didn't master out of the 5 previously mentioned in text above. Dispel is a nice skill for PvP only and it's quite useless for PvM/PvE.


Items you should aim to have and the bonuses on them: side note:these items are mainly for later levels

  • Full Moon Sword (or FMS) with an average like 30+ can do the job until level 75 and the new weapon with average
  • Ebony Earrings+9 with Strong against Orc for levels in the range of 33-48.
  • Silver bracelet+9 with Strong against Orc for levels in the range of 33-48.
  • White Gold Earrings and Pearl necklace at as high plus as you can get, just for casting skills. After casting Enchanted Blade and Enchanted Armor you can switch to a more appropriate earring and necklace, such as Ebony Earrings and a necklace of your choice.
  • Black Round Shield+6 or higher with Immune to Blackouts for leveling on Black Orcs (or BO) for levels in the range of 33-48.
  • After level 48-50 you don't really get good exp at BO, so its better to move to Temple or even Cave2, however as there is no confirmed bonus against spiders,I cannot suggest any.
  • At level 65 you may even be able to do pretty good damage in the Demon Tower (depending on your items and Skill choice and M) so you can start getting undead bonuses on your accessories and a level 61 shield with an upgraded helm. Exorcism Sword +8 or +9 with (Monster,Cooldown,Deathblow) is good until you can use Poison Sword.
  • HP regeneration/Absorb and SP regeneration/Absorb are pretty useful too, as well as Critical and Piercing and Block bonuses.


It is well explained here Link and also up for discussion on the variety of ways available and the results achieved with perspectives from many different players.


Just to mention, make sure you read books for every skill at M every day. Also start reading Polymorph books as soon as you can and get a War or Military horse as soon as you can, which will aid in leveling.

Polymorph is very useful skill for boss hunting as well as leveling at higher levels. Leadership is pretty useful skill too as is horse summoning. In summary; read any of those books mentioned if you can afford them though Poly is the main skill book to be read.

Sura Skills[edit]

1. Enchanted Armour
2. Enchanted Blade
3. Finger Strike
4. Dragon Swirl
5. Fear
6. Dispel

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