Guide:Solution to a log problems

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Guide:Solution to a log problems
Author: Noob-Killer

Solution to the current a log problems

1. Possibility

If you on the horse expenditure-logged it, then tries you in an empty Channel to log in. After the selection of your character is final, the load screen comes. Starting from there hold for it the CTRL key and press beside it at the same time again and again H.
It can occur that it are then again gekickt. In this case you repeat the first steps to only press without something.

2. Possibility

If that should not help, then the following tries:

You log you in with another account or another character and go on a wedding. If degree should not be, Channel would have to be also good 1 or 2, since usually some GMs are there.

Now you look on the list of the GMs ([LINK HERE //// Who where is GM?]) in the forum and tries to write down each individual GM. As soon as you reach one, their/their of you problem explains to him.

To understand: The GMs has to do very much, what concerns a answering of PMs.
Thus long waiting periods can come quite too much. Have patience, if they answer not immediately, and leave themselves time.

To hints and cheat

If the problem exists still, the following tries:

If the Internet connection is slow enough, then CTRL functions + to h-trick better, at least has one then a larger time window, in which one can try it. I come on average after approximately 5 attempts into the play.

How does one make the Internet slower? There there are several possibilities of knowing also without much about the computer:

  1. If several computers to rout hang, is the simplest, on which other correctly large of download to start (if one flat rate has). First one announces however to Metin on (best in the window mode), but the character yet does not start itself. Then one starts on all computers (also with Metin) download.
  1. Who has a WLAN connection, can depart (additionally) so far from the basis, until the connection straight still functions, or with stationary computers the antenna of rout and computers to unscrew or a metal tray (aluminum foil goes also) between them to place.

Now one starts the character and as soon as a picture comes, one holds the CTRL key and presses H. with something luck completely often descends one off the horse and loses it with the following Kick.

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