Guide:Mental Warrior Skillguide

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Guide:Mental Warrior Skillguide
Author: Geodragon (Geolangsat)

'Mental Warrior '

In case you would want to be a PvM mobbing build I would advice the following:

there are 3 times that I would advice to change your stats build:

0 ~ 55

56 ~75

75 +

For beginners I would always advice a 2 : 1 vit str build. Simple reason is that mobs don't do much damage in these early stages. And one of the main ways for making money is hunting metins. If you want to hunt metins, you NEED the str otherwise you wouldn't be doing damage at all.

Once you reach around lvl 56, you will be killing mobs that are doing a lot more damage and you would start thinking that you need more defence instead of more attack power. For this reason, the best build for this stage of your character would be a full vit : rest on Dex. I have tried this build myself and I should say it was the best built for me. I could still receive some str on my EE +9 and other str bonus on items to deal a bit more damage adding to the damage increase of my skill by the Dex I am training. You will see a huge difference in the amount of mobs that you are able to tank with this build. One huge drawback though...Metin hunts should not be your main target, since with this build your damage on metins will suck. Suck badly. So if you still want to be a full time metin hunter, go for the traditional vit str build. If you want to be a tanker, go for the build I mentioned .

now finally, at lvl 75 you will have enough points to go back to the first build. So lvl 75 + would be Full vit : Full str rest on Dex. Reason for this is that at lvl 75 you will have enough points to make for a decent evading. I think if you have full str, full vit and rest on dex, you will have around 26 evading. With 30 being max from stats, you won't be losing much, but most of all, you will see HUGE difference when hunting metins

In case you want to be a PvM Metin build I would advice the following:

1 : 2 vit str at all times. Make sure you max out str since this is the main stat for hunting metins.

Skills: PvM First of all, make sure you have at least 1 skill point in each and every skill. You should always master Strong Body first. Strong Body is what makes a mental, a mental. It increases your defence and since you don't have much attack power, it is the next big thing. Now, about dealing damage, I would go for Spirit Strike (w) second since it is the the one that deal the most damage of all the skills. It doesn't hit all the mobs, but it is a huge difference maker for dealing damage to mobs. Another good thing about having Spirit Strike (w) as your second skill is that it also serves as a good PvP skill. After Spirit Strike (w) I would go for Bash third. Bash is the second most strongest skill and is a clear PvM friendly skill as it hits all the mobs that it touches. And same as Spirit Strike(w) it comes also in handy in PvP since it is the second most damaging skill. After Bash, you should master Stump as fourth skill mostly because it is the third most damaging skill and is an all rounder, meaning that it hits all the mobs around you. It also comes in handy in wars for PvP. The damage is not that high, but it is not sucky either. A HUGE bonus of stump is that it can block someone's attack if the faints kicks in. If you manage to master all skills at 17 points, then your last master would be at lvl 86 and would be Sword Strike. The only positive about sword strike is that it stuns. That is why 1 point in it all the way till your last master is the best thing. At first I thought that this skill is a PvP skill, but this skill just sucks big balls.

Skills: PvP If you want my advice on how to build yourself the perfect Mental Warrior PvP...there is no such build. Many will disagree with me and say that you should master Sword Strike first. Yes, Sword Strike is a homing skill which means 100% that you will do damage. But what damage? Sword Strike's damage is just so low, even for me and I am lvl 88 and it is G 1. At G1 if I make a hit on someone who has 60% 2 hand def with Sword Strike, if I make 800 damage, I would be doing a lot of damage. So the only good thing about Sword Strike is that it is a homing stunning skill. My best advice is to get to know your mental GOOD. Get to know when to use your other skills and what the range is to shoot your skills. The best built for a Mental Warrior will remain the above mentioned PvM built. Sword Strike should remain your last master skill as the damage just cannot be compared to Spirit Strike (w), Bash and Stump.

Things that needs to be kept in mind for Mental Warriors: Mental warriors are not based on the normal attack damage but rather on their skill attack damage. Mental warriors depend heavily on a Cooldown Bonus (stone of cooldown, cooldown on armour and weapon and necky) Mental warriors don't need to depend on swords since our damage is low already. (only if opponent has a lot of two handed def) For 65 + Electro is PvM weapon, Partisan is PvP weapon. (to be added)

Talent sequence[edit]

1. Strong Body
2. Spirit Strike (W)
3. Bash
4. Stump
5. Sword Strike

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