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How to uninstall/delete Metin-2 from your PC

If you have finished playing Metin-2 and wish to uninstall/delete the game to free up space, this guide will tell you how. Also some players have had issues when patching the game after updates, when this happens they may have to remove the game completely and re-download the game.

Step 1: Locating Metin-2 files/folders

On your desktop and/or your quick launch menu (which can be accessed by clicking the START button) right click the Metin2 UK icon and scroll down to properties, then left click. Once you have the properties window open you then click on the shortcut tab at the top. You should now see the option to 'find target'.


Step 2: Inside the folder

Click find target and it will take you into the folder where the metin2.exe is located. Once your in the folder in your toolbars running along the top of the window, you should see a folder with a green arrow. Clicking this icon should take you out of the folder and you should see other files including Metin2_UK.


note: It is suggested that if you wish to keep any screenshots taken whilst you played the game to go into the screenshot folder and remove any images you want before continuing

Step 3: Completing Deletion

Look for the Metin2_UK folder and right click it and scroll to the delete option to move it to your recycle bin. This should remove all the files and folders inside, including Metin2_UK.


Emptying the recycle bin will successfully complete deletion, you may also want to do a c:/ drive search to confirm this.

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