Guide:Black Magic Sura Skillguide

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Guide:Black Magic Sura Skillguide
Author: Geodragon(GEOLANGSAT)


Black Magic Suras are the Suras which generally strike from far away distance with High Damaging Skills Such as Dark Orb.The power of Suras lies in their "Intelligence" so it is vital for every sura to have high intelligence.They are considered the best in PvP because of their brilliant Skills. So i would now start off with the guide and Help U People Make A Better Black Magic Sura!

Distribution of stat points

A Black Magic Sura should always follow the 2:1 INT:VIT which means that the first two points which you get in a particular level should first be put in INT then the next point should be put in VIT.When INT gets 90 then start putting all the points u get in VIT until it gets 90 and then start putting points in DEX.

Distribution of skill points

Remember , it is always better to master a skill one by one then thinking of equally distributing and mastering the skills at later Levels.

Their are two main choices for a Black Magic Sura :

  • 1. PvP - Player Vs. Player

  • 2. PvM - Player Vs. Monsters


For PvP , a black magic sura should have following skills mastered in following patterns which would enhance their PvP Skills:

  • (i)Flame Spirit
  • (ii)Dark Orb
  • (iii)Dark Protection/Dark Strike
  • (iv)Dark Protection/Dark Strike(whichever that was not mastered earlier)
  • (v)Spirit Strike (S)
  • (vi)Flame Strike


For PvM, A black magic sura should have following skills mastered in following patterns whihc would enhance their PvM Skills:

  • (i)Flame Strike
  • (ii)Darkj Protection
  • (iii)Dark Orb
  • (iv)Flame Spirit
  • (v)Dark Strike
  • (vi)Spirit Strike (S)
  • Make sure that your get your skills mastered in 17 points or you will face problems in high levels.


Items you should aim to have and the bonuses on them: side note:these items are mainly for later levels

  • Full Moon Sword (or FMS) with an average like 30+ can do the job until level 75 and the new weapon with average
  • Ebony Earrings+9 with Strong against Orc for levels in the range of 33-48.
  • Silver bracelet+9 with Strong against Orc for levels in the range of 33-48.
  • White Gold Earrings and Pearl necklace at as high plus as you can get, just for casting skills. After casting Flame Spirit and Dark Protection you can switch to a more appropriate earring and necklace, such as Ebony Earrings and a necklace of your choice.
  • Black Round Shield+6 or higher with Immune to Blackouts for leveling on Black Orcs (or BO) for levels in the range of 33-48.
  • After level 48-50 you don't really get good exp at BO, so its better to move to Temple or even Cave2, however as there is no confirmed bonus against spiders,I cannot suggest any.
  • At level 65 you may even be able to do pretty good damage in the Demon Tower (depending on your items and Skill choice and M) so you can start getting undead bonuses on your accessories and a level 61 shield with an upgraded helmet.
  • HP regeneration/Absorb and SP regeneration/Absorb are pretty useful too, as well as Critical and Piercing and Block bonuses.


It is well explained here Link and also up for discussion on the variety of ways available and the results achieved with perspectives from many different players.

Default Skills

Just to mention, make sure you read books for every skill at M every day. Also start reading Polymorph books as soon as you can and get a War or Military horse as soon as you can, which will aid in leveling.

Polymorph is very useful skill for boss hunting as well as leveling at higher levels. Leadership is pretty useful skill too as is horse summoning. In summary; read any of those books mentioned if you can afford them though Poly is the main skill book to be read.

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