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Guide:As protects I mean PC
Author: Germanryodus


This Guide is to serve only as an assistance. For errors thereby takes over Metin2Wiki adhesion does not develop.

Among many honest players are unfortunately also black sharp ones. It concerns here perhaps not only your account data but also your passwords, Mailadress and much more besides. From there it recommends to protect itself your PC correctly.

As I protect myself free ?

This Guide like one its PC free to explained only protect can. Whereby here also liable to pay the costs programs could be used.

Representation of a Firewall


Around the data traffic between computers and Internet to supervise it requires a Firewall. This is starting from Windows XP SP2 with in an integrated way however it is recommended of course another to take. Please considered that the Windows Firewall to be then deactivated must.

Recommended Firewalls:

  • Zone Alarm Free
  • Ashampoo Firewall
  • Comodo Firewall Pro


To you in the future messages will appear on it referring the something to the Internet accessing want. If it you are not safe from whom or which these accesses comes does this rejecting or inquires with googles.

Representation of an infection routine (Assemblerlanguage)

Anti-virus program

Around itself before computer viruses to protect computer worms and Trojan horses needs it anti-virus program. This recognizes, blocked and/or eliminates these. So that the program also in the future parasits recognizes must this also regularly be updated.

Recommended anti-virus programs:

  • Avira AntiVir Free
  • BitDefender 10 Free Edition
  • AVG Anti Virus Free 8


It may be installed only one anti-virus program on the computer. Deinstalliert before the existing virus program before neus installs it. If several anti-four-programs are present, it can to the computer to boat problems lead (that means that the computer does not start any longer correctly and it can come to a Bluescreen) or however to announce itself the programs mutually as viruses. There are only very few anti-virus programs, which can work together.

Unwanted advertisement by Spyware


In order against unsolicited Spysoftwares to protect itself recommends it a anti- Spywaresoftware to install itself. Some Antivirensoftwares intigriert this function already with, for the others recommend it one of these tools to install itself.

Recommended anti- Spywaresoftware:

  • Spybot - Search & Destroy
  • 1-2-3 Spyware Free
  • Spyware Terminator


With these aids should be in the best way prepared your computer now before ungwolten intruders. But considers the largest weak point are still it, is it by thoughtless further-dig from passwords or by negligent use of Cheats and Hacks.


Antivir: AntiVir Free Download
ZoneAlarm: ZoneAlarm Download
Avast: Avast Free Download
SS&D: Spybot Search & Destroy Download

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