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Guide:As I provide a character
Author: LoveIsBeauty


This Guide is to serve only as an assistance. For errors thereby takes over Metin2Wiki adhesion does not develop.

This Guide is to explain briefly and scarcely, in addition, exactly, how one provides a character.

Select richly

Char provide 1.png

As the first must you you on a server log in. Then you click on providing. To select you then requested a realm, thus Chunjo, Jinno and Shinsoo.

Your realm with consideration selects. Cannot change this late no more for it. It is valid for all characters for the selected server. On another server you must make this procedure again.
Clicks simply on one three realms and you can a small info text over the realm and her characteristics read.

A character provide

Char provide 2.png

After their of you selected realm, you provide your character. You have thereby a large selection. First you decide you between much the 4 character classes Warrior, Ninja, Shaman and Sura. Also here counts, decides you well which you want to play. There follows the choice of the gender and the appearance. Do not forget however now the most important, to your pitch name. Noted here it asks that special characters are not permissible. Also the name may not have GameMaster or GM, since this usurpation is. In order to provide the character, you click simply on providing. It can be good that some your desired pitch names are already assigned and receive to her a message.

Now, that is already everything. Now can you with your again provided character play.

Guides, which a new player should read

I recommend to read new players the following Guides, in order to then gain a good knowledge, which must be skilled and as one at the beginning gets along.


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