Guide:As I delete a character

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Guide:As I delete a character
Author: LoveIsBeauty

Here a character from your character selection to delete know a step by step guidance like you.

Login.jpg At first you must be login at ( On the Right Side)
User data.jpg Afterwards must look on your user data (Over Middle):
Delete code change.jpg Now you must the option code change to select:
Delte code email.jpg And a delete code select of a large D and a number with six digits consists. Now confirm the delete code. You can use for example your date of birth: If you to 11.12.1980 are born look the code as follows: D111280 (DD mm YY)
Delte code success.jpg You receive a confirmation, which looks as follows:
Delete button.jpg Log in you now in Metin2 and place the character which you to delete want, into the center of the selection window and click on the button deletion.
Character delete.jpg Enter the delete code and confirm. Note: It checks rather again whether the character is really that, which you want to delete! Now click on OK one you get a confirmation.
Deletenow.jpg If you this confirmation have then your character successful were deleted.
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